The team here at ridewithlocal has surfed all around the world. A lot of us are from Europe. It is fun to go exploring, but sometimes we don’t have the time, the budget or simply want to avoid a long flight for ecological reasons. We have found some of Europe’s best and most consistent surf spots in Portugal.  Close, consistent, friendly, fun and cheap with great food and vibrant history and culture, a Portugal surf trip is the perfect choice. We have selected some of the best surf camps & schools in Portugal for your convenience. Read on for information on your Portugal surf trip budget, when to surf in Portugal, where to surf in Portugal, and things to see and what to eat in Portugal.

Alex Surf School in Peniche
Alex Surf School in Peniche

How Much To Budget for Portugal Surf Trip

First you will have to get to Portugal. You can take a train or drive, but you can probably find airfare to to Lisbon, which is 90km from Peniche, for around 100 euros or less. You can get from the airport to the Sete Rios bus station for around 4 euros and from there to Peniche for 8 euros, so your ground transport can be pretty cheap.  Hostels can be as cheap as 10 euros a night. A cheap but delicious meal will cost around 7 euros. Beers are around 1.5 euros. Leaving aside the cost of bringing or renting a surfboard, you can do a one week Portugal surf trip with airfare, food, shelter and limited ground transport for under 400 euro. The cost of bringing your surfboard on a plane to Portugal will be about 50 euro or so each way.

There are a lot of spots to choose from every day, but it is hard to interpret the forecast and know where to go until you really get an area dialed in. Here at ridewithlocal, we are fir

H2O Surfguide Hostel
H2O Surfguide Hostel

m believers in the value of local knowledge.  We have selected the best surf camps in Portugal for you. For only around 60 euros a night, you can get a full service camp

with breakfast/lunch and private room, bringing your trip budget for 7 days to more like 650 euros including flights and all food.  Your vacation time is precious. We highly recommend you go for the benefit of great local surf guides to make sure you get to the best surf spot every day given your skills and the surf conditions.

When to Surf in Portugal

Portugal gets swell all year round, but the best waves come in the months of October to April. Winds also tend to be off-shore more often during these months, whereas May through September Portugal there is a greater chance of the wind turning on shore and making the waves crumbly.  You will want to wear a full 2 or 3 mm thick wetsuit. Expect water temperatures of 18 or 19 C in October and November falling to around 15 or 16 in December through April. Air temperatures hover around 17 C during the entire prime surfing season.

Where to Surf in Portugal

Portugal offers around 600 km of active coastline, but you will find the highest concentration of the best surf spots near Peniche. It is easy to get to and offers a wide variety, plus fun nightlife and lots of food choices as well as cultural activities. Start with Peniche in the center of Portugal’s coast and then maybe explore the northern and southern regions later.

Some Inspiration From the RipCurl Pro in Portugal and The Mayor of Peniche Welcoming You to Share the Stoke. This year event is Oct 18 – 29, 2016.  Keep reading below for beginner spots.

Best Surf Spots in Portugal Near Peniche

There are 20 named surf spots near Peniche and more secret spots that your local guide can show you hidden up and down the coast. Supertubos is probably the most famous. It is suitable for experts only, but you might want to just go and watch the pros shredding this heavy HEAVY wave breaking over a shallow sand bar and serving up monster tubes. For beginners, scenic Baleal offers waves that peel for 50 to 1oo meters breaking over sand and work on all tides. Because they are not super consistent, they are not as crowded as some other options in the area, and your guide can tell you when they will be working. Belgas is a bit faster but also a beach break and its pretty much always on – a no-brainer if you are trying to wing it without a guide.

Peniche is the place the be.

Praia de Cerro and Cantinho da Baia are also quite consistent and considered some of the best surf spots for beginners in Portugal.  La Guide and Mini Pipe are left hand reef breaks suitable for more experienced surfers. Consolacao point break offers intermediates a right hand option.

What To Eat

Everything! The food in Portugal is great and affordable. Portuguese sailors were among the first Europeans to explore the world and they brought home a wide range of culinary influences, so the food is an incredible fusion of flavors and ingredients. Chili pepper from Africa, vanilla, cinnamon and saffron are some of the signature spices. Caldo Verde, a soup of potato, kale and chourico Portuguese sausage is the most famous traditional dish. There are lots of great seafood options and everybody has cod fish. You might think of cod as kind of bland, but the Portuguese will show you different. They say there are 365 ways to prepare cod – one for each day of the year.

What to See Near Peniche

If your arms turn into noodles from consistent waves every day on your Portugal surf trip, maybe you should have read our article on surf training exercises for paddling power and our article on general surf training to prepare for your trip. Oh well. Maybe next time. Even with great preparation, the relentless onslaught of perfect conditions you can find with the help of a local expert surf guide in Portugal can wear you out, so here are some things to see.


The top attraction is the Fortalez, a fortress that has stood for over 400 years on the edge of Peniche. Inside you will find a museum of local history and archaeology with some interesting exhibits on the struggle against fascism. You might want to bring along your local guide because a lot of the information is only available in Portuguese. Obidos, the scenic fortified city to the west of Peniche offers a more casual way to experience a feeling of walking through history.

The nearby Berlengas Island park can be reached by a potentially exciting (if the swell is pumping) boat ride. Berlengas has lots of bird life and great snorkeling over shipwrecks from centuries past and more recent maritime mishaps.

Ready for the Perfect Portugal Surf Trip?

Now you have an idea of what you can look forward to. What are you waiting for? Save up a few hundred euros, schedule some time off, and make a reservation with a great surf camp near Peniche to make sure your Portugal surf trip is composed of one after another “best day ever”. Only a surfer knows the feeling!