Dreaming of an exotic Sri Lanka Surf trip? Soak up the tropical vibes and the Sinhala spice . Find out where and when to go surfing in Sri Lanka. Get the local knowledge on the best surf spots for beginners and intermediates. Time your trip to score perfect dry season sessions and avoid monsoons.  Get suggestions for things to do in between surfing with our Sri Lanka surf trip guide. Consider a yoga and surf retreat in Sri Lanka. Answer that crucial question: “How much does a Sri Lanka surf trip cost?”

stranged shaped rocks on a beach on Sri Lanka surf trip

Sri Lanka Surf Trip

Sri Lanka has a lot to offer surf travelers. Warm water and consistent swell beckon. Around 30 surf spots in a 100 km stretch of the south west coast offer a wide range of options for all skill levels and conditions. On top of that, there are eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of them is considered one of the eight wonders of the ancient world. Many travelers choose trips combining yoga and surf in Sri Lanka.  Throw in some incredible biodiversity, a tradition as a trade center from ancient to modern times producing a wild fusion of cuisine plus a wealth of spices and you have a recipe for an unforgettable adventure.

How Much Does a Sri Lanka Surf Trip Cost?

Prices in Sri Lanka are low. You can get a private room for around 10 euro a night. A meal can cost as little as 2 euro, but spending 6 euro for a three course meal is worth the extra cash. Beers are 1 or 2 euro and the local spirit, arak, distilled from palm sap is around the same price. You can fly from many European cities to Colomobo, Sri Lanka for around 500 euro. From there, a 2 hour taxi ride to the surf zone will cost you around 50 euro each way, or you can take a bus for around 4 euro.

children fish with nets in front of surfer on Sri Lanka surf trip
Fish is cheap and fresh!

If your airline of choice charges for surf boards, you will either have to budget a little extra to cover that fee or rent in Sri Lanka. Surfboard rentals are around 6 euro a day. You could pull of ten day Sri Lanka surf trip for under 1,000 euro including the cost of bringing your own board.

Local Knowledge for a Sri Lanka Surf Trip

You will find a wide range of surf spots in southern Sri Lanka, around 30 in the 100 km stretch from Hikkaduwa to Weligama. There is a great option for every skill level on any given day. You may find a good spot on your own. But only one spot will the very best choice for you given varying swell, tide, and wind conditions throughout your trip. To ensure you get the most out of your vacation time and your surf trip budget, we recommend you consider choosing a surf camp.
Good news: surf guiding and surf camps, like everything else in Sri Lanka, are quite affordable. Camps start as low as 45 euro per night with airport transfer, meals, lodging and guiding included.  A week long all-inclusive Sri Lanka surf trip can cost as little as 1,000 euro with your flight included. To help you get the benefit of local knowledge at a great price, we have selected some of the best surf camps in Sri Lanka. Some of them offer Sri Lanka yoga and surf trip combinations.

Best Time to Surf Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s east and west coast both have a dry and a wet season. The south west coast gets the most consistent swell, and has the greatest variety of spots. The east coast can get bigger waves, so experts might prefer to surf there. But it is a little more crowded, with fewer spots and not as consistent as the west. The west coast dry season in Sri Lanka runs from November to April with the swell peaking in January and February. Water and air temperature both hover around a comfortable 27 C, so you will not need a wetsuit. If you want to surf the east, come between May and October, when the monsoons are hitting the west coast and bigger swell is hitting the coast around Arugam Bay.

Where to Surf in Sri Lanka for Beginners

Welcome to beginners paradise. Welcome to the Good Story Surf Hotel in Welgama

The area around Weligama and Kolagga offers the best variety of beginner surf spots, with lots of right and left hand beach breaks. The Weligama surf spot has a long stretch of waves offering easy rights and lefts to get you started. Sometimes the gentle waves can peel as long as 300 meters. Matara is another good beach break option, offering mostly rights. Dewata point break near Galle also offers mostly rights but sometimes produces lefts. There are many other good options in the area, but they break over reef or rocky bottoms. On the right tide and swell, they can be great for beginners, but we recommend you get local guiding to make sure you surf when its safe.

Best Surf Spots in Sri Lanka for Intermediates

Southwest Sri Lanka offers a lot of great reef breaks for intermediates and advanced beginners who are ready to take a step up. You will find a good mix of rights and lefts. Koggla has a hollow left reef break. Local’s point in Hikkaduwa offers rights up to 300 meters long. Nearby Main Point surf spot offers shorter punchier rides. Madiha is one of the longest left point breaks in Sri Lanka, peeling up to 300 meters on a good day. Midigama and nearby Plantations offer short fast rights. Unawatuna is a good low tide spot for surfers seeking short punchy rides.

Things to Do in Sri Lanka

There are eight UNESCO world heritage sites, including Sigiriya, the “Lion Rock”. It has long been considered one of the eight wonders of the ancient world. It is a little far from the surf spots, but potentially worth the trip. Anuradhapura is much closer to the surf spots in Sri Lanka. This ancient city was founded around 400 B.C. and covers 16 square kilometers. The Sinharaja Forest Reserve UNESCO site is one of the only places in the world you can see a Purple Faced Langur. You can get there in about 2 hours from Weligama. You will find great snorkeling and diving in the coastal area. Travelers in south west Sri Lanka also boat tours for dolphin and whale watching.

massive rock in landscape
Lion Rock

Make a Plan to Surf Sri Lanka

Now you know when and where to go to score the best surf in Sri Lanka. You also know how much to budget. If you save 200 euro a month, you will be financially prepared to go in five months. Get physically prepared with these five great surf training exercises. Make a plan.  Pick a Sri Lanka surf camp, schedule your vacation, and get ready to live the dream!