Every summer the snowboard scene gathers at The Atlantic Cup in Biarritz with riders and people from the industry to play football, drink some beers and catch some waves. RideWithLocal joined in on the action this this past week where pro riders like Nicolas Muller, Alex Tank, Matthieu Crepel, Gido Gfoellner, Thomas Delfino, Aluan Ricciardi, Sani Alibabic, Fidel Alonso and many more came out from countries like Finland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Russia, Greece and the UK to play some friendly matches.

Here are some photos of the action that we snapped on the last day where the Basque and Spanish ended battling it out in the finals. May it inspire you to keep moving whatever way you can in the off-season to stay in good riding shape. We are going to go have a rest now because our legs are dead and our heads our hung. Thanks for all the pain and pleasure to Adidas Snowboarding and the organizers. Till next year!

*Players, feel free to repost but please photo credit @ ridewithlocal