Dreaming of an Iceland adventure? Sight-see and split-board or snowboard acres of virgin powder far from the madding crowds. Get to the good stuff with a helicopter, Super Jeep, or snowmobile piloted by local experts.

fire and ice in Iceland
Fire and Ice

Iceland is a crazy, dream-like place. Constant volcanic eruptions, oozing lava, fast moving rivers and slow moving glaciers, the biggest light show on earth, and geothermal marvels like geysers. Iceland’s most famous geyser, Geysir, could be considered the mother of all geysers. She is, after all, the origin of the word “geyser” itself.

Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe. And with 3/4s of the population living in Reykjavik, you can get lost far from the nearest person. Lying just outside the arctic circle, it is not exactly what most people consider hospitable. Fortunately, we have found some very hospitable locals with a boundless enthusiasm for the rare stuff, the stuff no one else has even seen.

When winter comes, reaching the interior of the islands requires skilled professional guides with experience in navigating extreme conditions and the machinery to do it. Vast, and we do mean vast, stashes (SSSSH!) of virgin powder await the intrepid explorer. Not to mention amazing out-of-this-world scenery, bizarre moonscapes, shocks of green contrasted with barren desolation, tiny critters and huge glaciers. And the greatest show on earth – the Aurora Borealis, aka the Northern Lights.

When to Visit Iceland

Iceland is an incredible place to visit year round. But our favorite local guides recommend coming between January and May for best snow conditions. Typical winter temperatures range from lows around 5 below 0 C to 1 above. As the summer approaches, it can warm up to as high as 14 C.

huge field of powder snow on Iceland snowboarding trip

Keep the chill away. Of course you will want to bring warm clothes, but that’s not the only way to feel warm. Make sure to try a swig or two of Iceland’s signature beverage – Brennivín – which means “burnt wine”. Brennivín is similar to Swedish “aquavit”. Icelanders make it from potatoes, like some vodkas, and typically flavored with caraway seeds angelica, so it is savory. It’s potent stuff! The locals call it by the nickname svarti dauði which means “Black Death”.

Iceland Adventures

We’ve picked out four incredible Iceland Adventures. All of them offer a sampling of Iceland’s diverse vast and spectacular landscapes. Our favorite local powder hounds and explorers will take you to base camps or remote mountain cabins. You’ll ride either a helicopter, a Super Jeep tricked out for snow, on snowmobiles, or a combination of modes of transport. The ride to the base camps is an adventure of its own. And then the real adventure begins – winter camping in comfort and style, exploring by split board or getting dropped at the top to shred virgin powder. So much powder! And its all yours!

VHF radios allow the guides to pick you up at the end of your run and haul you back up the mountain or back to camp. This gives you incredible freedom to choose your own line. The radio supported super jeep, snowmobile, and helicopter truly put the “free” in free-ride.

geothermal activity on Iceland adventure

Our favorite guides will take you exploring the remote inaccessible wilderness. You will witness geo-thermal activity and soak in hot springs.  You can experience winter base camping in state of the art tents designed for comfort in extreme conditions. Take the opportunity to hone your expertise in wilderness travel. You will learn skills and gain knowledge for snow camping and wilderness survival that you can apply all over the world.

Knowledgeable locals provide avalanche training to guests as well, and can lead you mountain climbing expeditions to find the best powder and the best views. Imagine coastal peaks with endless slopes and ocean views of calving glaciers.

tents in foreground, mountains in background on Iceland snowboarding trip
Base Camp on Iceland Snowboard Trip

Iceland Adventure Budget

The best guides with the best machines in one of the most challenging environments on the planet don’t come cheap, but our recommended Iceland Adventure Travel Experiences start as low as 1,700 euro, all-inclusive. If you want to get in the helicopter, that prices goes up to about 5,000 euro. The least expensive option, the splitboard tour from an relatively easy to reach base camp plus airfare from, say, London, could cost you under 2,000 euro. So what are you waiting for? Stack up 100 euro a week and in less than six months you will be ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

icebergs seen on Iceland adventure