Dreaming of a ski trip but short on funds? Cheap ski trips in Eastern Europe won’t bust your budget. You don’t have to save much to afford Bansko ski trips in Bulgaria, skiing Kalavyrta in Greece, or skiing Maribor in Slovenia. Let’s look into these three great ski destinations that you can explore without breaking the bank! You can even save enough to afford a little local knowledge and instruction. The Balkans has lots of great skiing for beginners and intermediates at a price you can’t beat, and great instructors are affordable too.

view of distant Bansko ski mountain
Bansko Mountain photo by Amorphisan – Creative Commons 3

Bulgaria: Bansko Ski Resort At A Glance

Bansko is part of the Pirin Mountains skiing complex of three resorts, along with Dobrinhishte and Razlog. These stats are for Bansko only. Book a local guide to show you the secrets of this resort.


Top Elevation: 2,560 meters
Bottom Elevation: 990 meters
Vertical: 1,570 meters
Total Piste Length: 48.2 km
Beginner Total Length: 20 km
Intermediate Total Length:24.5 km
Expert Total Length:3.7 km
Lifts: 7
Tickets: 25 Euro

Cheap Bansko Ski Trip BudgetKalavytra skiing, Bansko

First you’ll need to get there. The to Sofia from most big cities in Europe will set you back around 100
euro if you shop well.  Add 40 euro for round trip express bus fare from the airport to the resort. A bed in one of Bansko’s many hostels will only cost you 13 euro a night. Add 12 euro a day for groceries for the hostel kitchen and an occasional cheap meal out. Beer will cost you around 1 euro in a bar and half a euro in the market. Your lift ticket for a week is so cheap – we almost forgot: you’ll need 175 euros for that. Not counting beer, you can pull off a seven day cheap Bansko ski trip for under 500 euro!

Greece: Kalavyrta Ski Resort At A Glance

big_03f1c323a1Kalavyrta is just a couple hours from Athens, where you’ll be flying anyway, so its a good opportunity to combine a ski trip with a bit of culture and history. The resort is close to the coast, so you can see the sea while you ski. But can you say that three times real fast? See the sea while you ski… see the sea while you ski…see the sea while you ski…Book your lesson today!

Top Elevation: 2,340 meters
Bottom Elevation: 1,700 meters
Vertical: 640 meters
Pistes: 12
Length: 20 km
Lifts: 12
Tickets: 25 Euro

Cheap Kalavyrta Ski Trip Budget

big_5f1347c7dfFly to Athens from major European cities for around 130 euro. Take an express shuttle from Athens to Kalavyrta for another 40 euro round trip. You can keep your lodging costs to around 10 euro a night if shop around on AirBnB and share an apartment near the resort with a friend. Budget 10 euro a day for supermarket food, or 20 if you want to dine out and sample some of Greece’s delicious cuisine.  Beers will cost you a stiff 3 euro in bars but only around 1.25 euro in markets. The lift ticket will only be 175 euro, bringing your total, with no beer (yeah, right) for a week long Kalavyrta ski trip in at less than 500 euro.

Slovenia: Maribor Ski Resort At A Glance

Maribor in Slovenia operates from mid-December to late March. We recommend January and February for the best snow conditions.

Top Elevation: 1,327 meters
Bottom Elevation: 325 meters
Vertical: 1,002 meters
Length: 41.5 km
Total Piste Length: 41 km
Beginner Total Length: 23 km
Intermediate Total Length: 13 km
Expert Total Length:5 km
Lifts: 22
Tickets: 16 Euro

Cheap Maribor Ski Trip Budget

lYou can get a one week lift ticket for around what you would pay in taxes for a ticket in the Alps – 112 euro! Flying to Zagreb costs around 140 euro, depending on where you start and how well you shop. Next, take a train to Maribor for 30 euro roundtrip. By sharing a cheap apartment on AirBnB, you can keep your lodging cost to around 10 euro a night. Add 10 euro a day for food purchased at the market and prepared in your apartment. You can do it cheaper if you go for spaghetti and sauce made out of ketchup packets from a fast food place, yum! 🙂 Save on beers at the market for one euro and keep those 3 euro bar beers to a minimum. Not counting beer, you can pull off a cheap week long Bansko ski trip for under 450 euro!

Local Knowledge

Ok – we all know it: Eastern Europe is not famous for great skiing. That’s not because there is a secret – there is no dispute- the Alps have better skiing. But even so, the Balkans do have secrets! There IS some great skiing in Eastern Europe. As it is all over the world, only the locals know where, when, and how to get to the best stuff. It’s not the Alps, but its way cheaper to ski in the Balkans and with the right guide, you can have a great experience.

big_082059d5c3-2Whether you are interested in ski guides in Greece, ski instructors in Slovenia, or expert local ski guides in Bulgaria, ridewithlocal has picked some of the best ski guides in the Balkans. They’ll help you tune up your skills or back country trek to virgin powder that only locals know how to find. As little as 100 euro a day will get you private instruction or guiding.

So what are you waiting for? Get to stacking that paper! Save 150 euro a month for four months and you’ll be set for cheap week long Balkans skip trip with a full day of private lessons or guiding and some weird foreign beers to celebrate your progress. ?