There is a lot of ways you can use an action camera such as a Gopro.  Action camera mounts options are endless, allowing for different shots and various perspectives. But, which ones look the best? Read further as professional action camera editor, Wills McGuigan, digs into skiing & snowboarding filming to make a few recommendations based on what works best when it’s finally time to edit your holiday footage from your helmet cam, chest mount, selfie stick or whatever action camera mounts you decide to use.

Try a few different mounts:

Showing the same shot from the same perspective is going to get very boring very quickly for your viewers. Regardless of your level of experience on the slopes you can still achieve an exciting piece of video if you mix things up and wear a few different mounts during your trip. This will give you (or your editor) a wider palette to work from when it comes to the edit.

action camera mounts
Choose your weapon.

Think context when choosing your POV (point of view) mounts:

‘Context’ is the difference between showing the viewer the landscape as it rushes by and showing you, the rider, within that landscape as it rushes by. For skiers there is a straight forward solution here; the chest Mount. A chest mount on a skier shows the viewer the rider’s arms, ski-poles & skis within the shot. Perfect.

Chest mount or helmet mount? Both?

A chest mount on a snowboarder is good for filming other riders but, unless for some reason you want to capture what is happening off to your side, not an ideal first person POV. Helmet Mounts are very popular, arguably the classic GoPro POV, and probably the best way to go but even they don’t really provide the afore-mentioned context we’re after. Personally, I prefer it when riders use a Helmet mount with an extender arm for a selfie-style shot. Suction Cup Mounts attached to boards are also great for looking back at the rider and can be mounted to capture the view ahead too, albeit with minimal context. Wrist Mounts take a bit of thought as you’re riding along but definitely worth playing with.

Pole Mounts are a must:

gro & action camera mountsAction cameras can take us to unexpected places. Nowhere is this more evident for me than when I am reviewing footage shot from a pole mount (or Selfie-stick or Monopod). Footage shot from low down and close to your board or skis as you carve through the snow looks very dramatic. They’re great for getting shots of yourself within the landscape too. Skiiers already have poles of course which can be turned into mounts very easily, either by using an adaptor like this, or the ingenious, portable and adaptable pole-pod.

Pole Mounts are of course also great for taking shots of fellow riders, particularly chase shots. When filming others bear in mind the fisheye lens will make everything look further away than it really is so get close to your subject (within reason). If you’re filming someone else from a few feet away, try starting as low to the ground as you can and slowly pan up your fellow rider as they board along. Awesome shot.

Capture a few static shots:

Shots captured from a tripod or similar provide a well-earned rest from the jerky, shaky mounted shots. Do yourself a favour and find the time to set up and capture these shots. They can break up the action very nicely and you’ll be able to hold viewers’ attention for longer in the final edit. You can mount GoPro’s onto pretty much any regular tripod if you have a Tripod Screw Mount. If you want something more portable then there are some very cheap mini-tripods available that will do the trick. Or try the KillerShot GoSpike for guaranteed stability. Camera Clamps do a similar job but can be placed in trees, on fences or anywhere you can find purchase.

Editing your footage:

The hardest part after filming non-stop during your holiday is making an edit that people want to actually watch. If you need some help from a professional, Go Pimp My Pro will be happy to work on your footage and make it ready to show the world! Book his service here .

Check out these videos as inspiration for good shots you can get with your action cam: is a site that helps you find your local ski/snowboard guides & instructors that will take you on a wild ride that you will want to film every minute!