Can you handle going 1 week without posting on Facebook?

With phones getting more and more high-performance and strong wifi being ever more omnipresent internet life has replaced real life. On average about 80% of the time we should be working or living is lost to aimless scrolling through our feed because it’s just so attention grabbing with inifinite content made for us. Many cases of internet dependencies are arising and people are spending less time doing simple enjoyable activities like reading books, going out into nature or learning a new activity like surfing.

At ridewithlocal we have a cure! A rehab program in partnership with our friends at the Good Story surf school and beach hotel in Weligama, Sri Lanka. Check out the surf therapy internet rehab center below:

To celebrate the summer season we are running a giveaway to initiate two lucky ducks into surfing. The winner will be randomly selected but people can increase their chances of winning by not posting stuff on their social medias for a few days. After all that’s what summer is for, to surf less internet, surf more waves and start living a good story! So don’t miss the wave and enter now!

If you win, we got you covered on flights, accommodation and of course surf lessons with the most down to earth crew from Good Story Surf on the best beaches for beginners to learn to surf, Weligama.



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