Sure, you could try to figure out skiing or snowboarding on your own, but here are our top 10 reasons why booking a local instructor will help you make the best of your trip without getting frustrated, lost or avoidably injured.

1 – Just because someone can snowboard or ski, that does not make them an instructor. Lessons from friends and partners, while cheap, rely on their ability to put a physical skill into understandable words and techniques. Not everyone can do this and poor communication between instructor and client tests the relationship, and sometimes leads to breaking point!

2 – Learning from a friend who was never properly taught will guarantee that you pick up their bad habits. Like driving, once bad habits are picked up, they are very hard to get rid of. An instructor will identify these even before they become habits, allowing you to learn the correct way and saving pain in the long run — learn cheap, learn twice.! !

3 – The instructor lives locally and will be able to take you to the best places within your ability. No more getting to the top of a chair only to be faced with a 45 degree icy mogul run or the dreaded “download” (when you take the chairlift back down) as your only way to the bottom!


4 – By learning the basic techniques properly, you allow yourself the best opportunity to progress on any given trip. If you carve and ollie in the correct way, you will be all set up when you come to want to expand your skills!

5 – It has been shown that new riders taking lessons progress much faster than those who learn alone. So, if you want to get the most out of your trip away instead of spending the whole week on the nursery slopes, then an instructor is the best way to go.

6 – You get a much better idea of your ability level. An instructor is able to constructively push you more than you would do on your own, meaning that you can progress further, with more security and confidence than you would have by yourself.


7 – Your instructor can provide information about and access to backcountry and freestyle courses, allowing you to take your riding in more of a preferred direction.

8 – If you are seeking a taste of powder then and instructor/guide is absolutely necessary. As well as managing the obvious avalanche risk, the instructor will not get lost, can instruct you in powder riding techniques and ensure that the terrain is within your ability range.

9 – Instructors are locals. Riding with them will give you a taste of the season life, both by accessing all the hidden and secret spots and as part of the scene in the resort. This ensures that you get the absolute best out of your trip.


10 – An investment in learning to snowboard properly will be returned to you ten fold. As well as learning the proper techniques for riding, they will also teach you about mountain awareness, snow safety, equipment maintenance, how to safely use the various ski lifts and give you tips on much else besides. These will stay with you throughout your snowboarding ‘career’, allowing you to assimilate new skills seamlessly as your confidence grows.

It is best to see what options are available in the area. To make an educated choice of a guide on for your instructor visit a site like that shows you mulitple choices and rates the services to give you the most educated and customized choice.