So what the heck is a Trash Hunt? Let’s say it’s beach clean-up meets surf lesson giveaway! Here at RideWithLocal, we want to make sure we welcome people into surfing with a right good set. We see ourselves and all surfers as guests, who the ocean has kindly let come over to enjoy a ride. But like any polite guest, we must respect the host.

As surfers we must learn to keep ourselves in check by not being neglectful and leaving trash around. A real surfer takes it one step further. He is a defender of the beach. Someone who looks after it and is willing to do more than his part and even cleans up after others. After all, like the video below says, every creature needs the ocean to be healthy, so let’s help her out!

We have teamed up with one of our favorite schools in Hossegor, France: Chipiron Surf School, to welcome riders to Trash Hunts this summer. Like a classic clean up, we clean-up La Plage des Culs Nus by gathering up whatever rubbish we find in the sand. Unlike most beach cleans, we will repay our helpers, on behalf of the ocean, with some free surf lessons!


Here’s how you win a surf lesson at the next Trash Hunt in Hossegor:
The clean-up dayat La Plage des Culs Nus in Hossegor, France is on Friday the 26th of August at 10am. Everyone sets out to gather rubbish. There will be small stickers on special items on the beach. The collectors that find a bottle or bag with the sticker will be awarded with a 2-hour surf lesson and board rental with Chipiron on Saturday the 27th of August.

Of course all other surfers are welcome come help hunt trash and join us for the “clean off” surf session after. So, join us for some beach cleaning. After all the summer visitors she needs it. You don’t need to have surfed before, we are happy to welcom new surfers to our circle of people who enjoy and care for the ocean. Ride on!



Let us know if you are coming and rsvp on the facebook event page.

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