Here at ridewithlocal we are happy to introduce to you one of the latest schools that will be providing snowboard lessons in Avoriaz on our site, the Avoriaz Snowboard School . This will be the first season for Avoriaz Snowboard School to run snowboard lessons in Avoriaz. The instructors will include Johann Baisamy, Aluan Ricciardi and Fred Vulliez. Both Johann and Aluan are former olympians for the French national team, and Fred  is known as ” probably the best experienced snowboard instructor you can find in Avoriaz”. We asked a few questions to Johann and Aluan to find out a bit more about them and their snowboard lessons.

As professional snowboarders is it exciting to open a snowboard school? I think as a professional, or simply as a snowboarder, it’s really exciting to open a snowboard school. We will be able share our vision of snowboarding to the kids. We hope to help sustain the future generation of boarders. It is our mission to give back a little to snowboarding after being pro and getting to travelling around the world for so many years thanks to it. We are not only excited to teach snowboard lessons but, also show people around Avoriaz and discover what a truly awesome resort it is.

Handplant from Aluan. You too can learn how! Photo by Phillipe Escharoux
Handplant from Aluan. You too can learn how! Photo by Phillipe Escharoux

What are you going to miss about being a pro and being an instructor instead? I don’t really think that we are going to miss anything! We will be riding a lot and when we get some time off we will try to go ride for ourselves and film. Our idea is to be instructors but, still keep producing content for our sponsors.

So you guys both went to the Olympics? When and where? Any good memories from that?Johann – Yes we did, Aluan was in Vancouver 2010, I was in Sochi 2014. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go to the olympics together. For me everything was incredible there. We really enjoyed the Sochi resort and had the opportunity to ride some good powder before the competition with Arthur Longo. The event  was monumental, there were great parties and the support we received from family and friends made for such an intense experience.

Aluan – For me, Vancouver was something special. All the athletes from different winter sports are united to represent France. You feel can feel this contest is watched and followed by people who normally don’t give any attention to snowboarding. When you go back to your hometown, you start to notice that the baker or your neighbour, who didn’t know what a half pipe was, have seen you on the National TV channel and are a little more interested in the sport.


Can beginners book you for are lessons or is it only for people who want to learn how to do backflips? We want to provide lessons for everyone. We just have the aim to offer private lessons for beginners so they improve quickly. Once they can turn, they can join our group lessons to try to backflip with friends! We think this is the best formula to learning and progression.

Do you guys do backcountry guiding or specialise in park riding lessons? It will depend on conditions. We want to provide a complete vision of snowboarding and we want to satisfy everyone so we will adapt every day to the conditions. The idea is to provide performance camps for more advance riders eventually.

What kind of special local experiences might we experience with you guys that are specific to the area? Avoriaz is the best resort for snowboarding! The Stash, pipe, park and a great backcountry area! There is always something fun to do in Avoriaz.

Johann enjoying the fresh snow in Avoriaz. Photo by Orel Berthollier
Johann enjoying the fresh snow in Avoriaz. Photo by Orel Berthollier

How do you set your prices for your school?  At Avoriaz Snowboard School, we want to offer limited size groups and quality education. This makes our prices are a bit more expensive than regular ski/snowboard schools. And, of course you get to ride with professional riders! 😉

Where can people find you guys in Avoriaz? It’s really easy ! We are just in front of the tourism office and ice rink in the center of Avoriaz. The Avoriaz Snowboard School will be based in the Burton Store – 3 Place Centrale 74110 Avoriaz

Aluan flying high. Photo by Remi Petit
Alan flying high. Photo by Remi Petit

What languages do you guys speak? All 3 of us speak english and french, Aluan speaks Portuguese as well and I can speak a tiny bit of Spanish as well.

If a really big group (+10 people) books, do we get a lesson with both of you? Well, we have a limit of 7 persons per instructor so, for a really big group we can plan that for sure!

If client can ride really well and told you to take him wherever you wanted to go, where would you take them? We keep our secrets for our groups 😉 We know a couple of good backcountry spots to take them after a little hike. You will just have to book snowboard lessons in Avoriaz with us to see them!